We promote
the university-company relationship

The Inditex-UDC Program promotes activities to attract excellent research talent, internationalization and sustainability.

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Committed to entrepreneurship
and digital transformation

AddVenture is our commitment to entrepreneurship applied to the ICT sector and the digital transformation of micro-enterprises.

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We work for the university
and employment inclusion
of people with disabilities

Espacio Compartido opens the doors of the University to young people with mild cognitive disabilities to encourage their employment.

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We are committed to training
in digital skills and social

The Inclusive Talents Program encourages STEM vocations among high school students and makes visible the challenges facing people with cerebral palsy.

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We contribute to improving
the employment of university youth
Laboralia has established itself as one of the SUG's most relevant job guidance and training programs for employment. Find out

We bring financial
education to society

The Finance for Mortals Program, taught by professionals from Banco Santander, seeks to improve the financial culture of the university community.

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We strengthen the relationship between
the University and society

The Impulso, Confianza y Emprende Awards highlight the good practices of university-company and entrepreneurship collaboration developed by the UDC.

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Consello Social da Universidade da Coruña   


Society's Voice at the University

We are the body for society’s participation at the University. We ensure that the needs of society are met by the University.


Research and connection with the productive sector

We encourage the transfer of research to the productive sector as a source of social and economic value creation by the University.



Committed to employability

We promote the University-Business relationship to facilitate the employability of our university graduates.

University and Society

Antonio Abril Abadín, Chairman of the University of A Coruña Social Council and of the Conference of Social Councils of Spanish Universities, uses this blog to gather his articles, publications and speeches.


Professional skills for a modern society

Improving the employability of university graduates is one of our main objectives. We promote initiatives aimed at improving their professional knowledge and skills, adapted to the reality of business.

Sustainability: Driving force for change in society

We promote social innovation in the field of higher education, strengthening the sustainability of the university in an environment of university-business collaboration.

UDC Social Responsibility Report

Inditex-UDC Sustainability Chair

We are committed to the University as a driving force for development

The University must be a key agent in the generation and transmission of knowledge and research, capable of promoting the social, cultural and economic development of its surroundings.

Equal opportunity and diversity

The University must be the great instrument of social promotion through study and merit, guaranteeing the inclusion of people at risk of exclusion or with diverse abilities.

Humanism and the digital challenge

The drive for innovation and excellent training in digital values and skills are key issues in enabling our university students to respond adequately to the competitive challenges of our time.

Latest news

El Consello Social de la UDC pone en marcha AddVenture 2022

El Consello Social de la Universidade da Coruña (UDC) pone en marcha AddVenture 2022, la segunda edición de…

El Pleno del Consello Social aprueba el presupuesto y el plan operativo de la UDC para 2022

El Pleno del Consello Social, reunido en el Paraninfo de la UDC en su última sesión del año,…

La Memoria de Responsabilidad Social UDC 2019/2020 destaca su labor investigadora y social durante la pandemia

El rector de la Universidade da Coruña (UDC), Julio Abalde Alonso, y el presidente del Consello Social de la UDC, Antonio Abril Abadín, presentaron la Memoria de…

La segunda edición de Talentos Inclusivos está en marcha

La segunda edición de Talentos Inclusivos, proyecto en el que el Consello Social de la UDC colabora con…

Laboralia cierra esta edición destacando la creatividad como la capacidad más demandada

Laboralia 2021, organizada por el Consello Social de la Universidade da Coruña, concluye hoy sus jornadas ‘Formación y…

Laboralia celebra sus 10 años de trabajo por la formación en competencias de los universitarios

El presidente del Consello Social de la Universidade da Coruña, Antonio Abril Abadín, y el rector de la UDC, Julio Abalde Alonso, inauguraron la primera de…


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