Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Transfer

Impulso UDC, Confianza UDC and Emprende UDC Awards

Ceremony of delivery of the Consello Social UDC 2019/2020 Awards.

The promotion of university-society relations is the starting point of the University of A Coruña Social Council’s strategy. Impulso UDC, for the most competitive research groups, Confianza UDC, for business commitment to the university, and Transfiere UDC, for the most innovative entrepreneurial idea, are awards aimed at contributing to reaching this goal, highlighting the best practices developed by UDC in terms of university-business collaboration and entrepreneurship.

The UDC Impulse Award recognises the work of research groups that stand out significantly in the achievement of key objectives for the development, modernisation and sustainability of Spanish public universities. Specifically, it values the actions taken in the following areas: transfer of knowledge to the productive sector, internationalisation and attraction of external resources.

The UDC Confianza Award was created to recognise the support of companies and institutions that have collaborated with the University of A Coruña in the development of innovative projects and initiatives in the fields of R&D+i, teaching and university extension. The ultimate aim, therefore, is to recognise the trust placed by the institutions in the University of A Coruña.

The Emprende UDC Award offers public recognition to UDC students and graduates with the best entrepreneurial idea at UDC. Preference will be given to initiatives that stand out due to their innovative nature, potential to become a business project, technical and economic viability, project maturity, economic and social impact on the surroundings, potential for the creation of quality employment, multidisciplinary nature of the team and degree of development of the project.